Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen This was a novel that I needed to read for an summer course at my university, I was pretty excited to read it because this was my first Jane Austen novel.
The overall novel, I feel was very well written. I loved Jane Austen's remarks about other novels and how she was telling the story but also talking to the reader. It was very easy to get through and very easy to understand and in a sense very funny, not only because it's kind of parody.
My one issue with this novel, and let's be honest here it's a big one, I hated the character of Catherine Morland. I felt that she was too naive, and though the other characters and Jane Austen mocked her for this, it was too much naivety for me to handle I was getting very frustrated with Catherine very fast. I wanted to like her, I wanted to ignore the naivety but I could not see past it.